I am not your teacher.

Life is your teacher.

(But there are some tools to

accelerate your results!)


It came time to write the content for my website and all I could think was blah… blah… blah… I was so tired of these websites that talked about how amazing someone was, and how things always seemed to go their way...


Stop believing all that crap.

I’ve coached A LOT of those people.

And behind the scenes, they’re just like you and me.

They have a body that feels good some of the time, and acts up other times.  They have relationships that include friction and deeply hurt feelings along with all the romantic pictures they post on Facebook.  They have a lot more expenses than they want to admit. Just like you and me. I’ve worked with leaders of companies, who seem to have everything going their way- but I promise you, there are areas of their lives where they hurt and feel completely inadequate.  Just like you and just like me.

But here is what inspires me about human beings

When we follow the natural laws of change, we can experience extraordinary results in our life!  The challenge is that too many of us have fallen for the “get-rich-quick” mentality- and that is what keeps us stuck.


When we look for a quick fix in our health, we might get external, visible results that look good on social media, but our health really comes down to our day-to-day habits.  And if those haven’t changed, we will fall back into poor health.  There is no other long-term solution.


When we approach relationships with the quick-fix mentality, it makes it challenging to have long-term relationships.  We end up moving onto the next partner. . . until our true colors come out.  Similarly, with our finances, long-term wealth is not an accident.  It's not luck.  It is the result of following the natural laws of money over and over.

Real leadership isn’t about motivation or hype.

It’s about an ongoing investment into the well-being and needs of our team.  This isn’t a weekend, or a strategy. It’s a way of living.  When you align your life with the natural laws of success and power, and pay the price to take the daily steps over, and over, and over- until this finally becomes who you are- then you will have success and power.


We first apply these principles in our private life.  Then we move into our relationships, and then we can transform organizations.

So welcome to TonyLitster.com where we will teach you how to access your power so you can make more money, have incredible connections and live your purpose.


Check out the tools here on this website that will help you create real, lasting change in your relationships, health and finances.

It always starts with us.

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