I grew up as a dreamer

In the sixth grade, I invested my paper route money to buy multi packs of Big Red gum that I sold during recess.  My business was so successful that one day after lunch, every kid in my class had a wad of cinnamon gum in their mouths.  Unfortunately, Miss Donovan’s eyes were burning, and I learned my first entrepreneurial lesson in government regulations.

I knew I was an entrepreneur and there was no going back.

I started my first real business as a college student and was shocked when my business professor couldn’t tell me how to set up an LLC.


A local businessman showed me the ropes and I never forgot it.


As my businesses grew, people began approaching me to mentor them.  One client was living in Alaska and I asked him what would he be doing with his life if his goals weren’t just about money.  He said he and his family would tour as musicians.


Six months later, they sold their home and most of their stuff, and moved into an RV and started sharing their gift.  7 years later, they’ve played almost 2,000 shows.

Now don’t get me wrong- they’ve done the work to make this happen.  All I did was get them believing it was possible.

Once when I was in Kenya I visited an orphanage.  A mother and daughter had taken in 60 kids ranging from 18 down to 2 years old.  The conditions were unimaginable.  All the boys slept on mats on a dirt floor in one room, and the girls slept on the floor in the other room.  During the day, the two rooms became the school.  Someone in our group commented about the difficulty of sheltering these children when they were so poor.  I will never forget the daughter’s answer. She said: “Oh, we’re not poor.  We just don’t have any money.”

I knew at that moment that I

wanted to be rich like them.


On my next trip there, I got to tour the new building we had helped build and the children did a presentation of song and dance on the roof of the building.  You can see some of the pictures at www.MakeAWorldofDifference.org


I love seeing someone take a vision they have and turn it into something real in the world.

That’s what gets me up out of bed each morning.  (And my 5 kids usually don’t let me sleep…)


Over the years, I’ve spent hundreds of hours on stage telling stories that move people to action.  And I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours privately mentoring business owners, CEO’s, artists, athletes, stay at home moms and people with big dreams.

I’ve discovered tools that accelerate the process of dream creation.  I’ve spent countless hours teaching and mentoring people, but I ran into a dilemma- there’s only one of me, and I want to teach a lot more people than time permits.  I had to figure out a way to share these tools with anyone who was searching.


As a result, I have taken the secrets that have helped individuals and organizations transform themselves and turned them into programs that you can listen to or watch- as if I’m right there in front of you.



I’ve received emails from people in over 35 countries who have been applying these principles to create their visions.  I hope these tools empower you as well.


Meanwhile, I can spend my time feeding my chickens and trying to get my 5 kids to do their homework.


My wife Bri and I live on a hobby farm somewhere in Idaho with our five kids and whatever animals haven’t been eaten by the coyotes.


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